Villebillies - Fill My Cup

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Island Earth Music/Sony Music Entertainment
Directed, Shot and Cut by: Shaun Wilson
Additional Footage Shot by: Justin Johns, Nicholas Leonhardt, Papaw and Kady Green

Song Credits:
Produced By: Chuck Duece, Villebillies and Lewis Richards
Mixed and Mastered by: Lewis Richards
Engineered by: Dustin "Tuck" Tucker
Back up vocals: Andrea Davidson
Written by: Villebillies

Video Production Crew:
Justin Johns
Nicholas Leonhardt
Fredie McCloud
Josh Jarboe
Chase Myers
Bj Young
Nick Meredith
Chris Nugent
Rob Combs
Tim McGaren
Melissa Brutscher
Uh Antwany LeJeune
Susan Dougherty
Demi Demaree
Dustin Tucker

Outline and Planing: Demi Demaree and Shaun Wilson

G.A.M. : Josh Jarboe and Fredie McCloud

Justin Johns Provided:
Motion Graphics / AE Compositing
On set photographer
Equipment specialist

We would like to thank the Fallen Rock Park for giving us access to such a beautiful environment to film in.

Aerial footage provided by Aerial Photography Louisville.