Night Shall Drape Us - ''The Queen of the Red Streams'' (Official Music Video) 2024

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Listen to "The Queen of the Red Streams", the intoxicating second single off the debut album from Night Shall Drape Us.

'Lunatic Choir' is out April 26, 2024.



Video written and directed by Tommi Niukkanen (@tomminseteli1000).
Cinematography: Mikko Suuronen / Agalma Films (@suurosenmikko)
Colorist: Mikko Suuronen / Agalma Films
Kali: Mira Leppäsalko (@0lent0)
Make up and costume design for Kali: Mira Leppäsalko

LRH - All music and instruments / Live drummer
Spellgoth - Vocals / Live Bass
Infection - Vocals/ Live Guitar
Wraath - Vocals
Vexd - Live Guitar

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